Saving Mae Mai, Rah Roong, Mai Tai from starvation & logging

Saving Mae Mai, Fha Rong, Mai Tai from starvation & logging

UPDATE 1-14-20: ‼️ HELP‼️ URGENT‼️

Fah Rong and Mai Thai's rescue has been interrupted. The truck carrying Mai Thai broke down in the middle of the road.

We just spoke to Lek and she let us know that due to the unexpected truck break down we need to raise URGENT funds to help with the journey! We need a minimum of $5,000 Dollars

UPDATE: Thank you GG family for making this possible. Your loving, caring, compassionate hearts have helped secure a better future for these precious gentle ones. Please note that any additional funds raised will go towards everything the girls need. Shelter, food, mahouts, medical care. As we know their care doesn't stop when they are rescued but truly begins!

Skin and bones... Broken bodies... Shattered souls...

We have just TWO WEEKS, until January 21st, to come up with the necessary funds!!

Funds are going towards medical care, rescues, transportations and shelter.

Mae Mai just 30 years old. By looking at her you just can't believe it. Before Covid she was full bodied and healthier. But when Covid hit she was sent to the logging industry. This is the end result. She's now broken. Literally broken. He leg shattered, her soul crushed. Mae Mai has just been standing there waiting for just death to come.

Fha Rong (Sunrise) 65 yo and extremely overworked & Mai Tai (Thai Silk), only in her 40's, already just skin and bones; are now destined for the same horrors in the logging industry. We just can't allow it,

Please, help us save these three beautiful gentle souls. Let us join hands so that we may offer new lives, new beginnings to Mae Mai, who will flourish at ENP and Fha Rong & Mai Tai who will thrive at Highlands.

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