Nutritional Supplements for Mae Mai, Mae Thai, Fah Roong, Kham Pang, & Duj Dao

The rescue may be over... But the recovery has just begun

It costs nearly $2000 USD, per month, to purchase the much needed supplements.

GG is Calling upon all kind, loving hearts so we can raise the funds for the special supplements needed to help Mae Mai, Duj Dao, Fah Rong, Mai Thai and Kham Pang regain their strength and health.

As everyone has seen the 3 girls from Phuket were starved to such an extreme that even in transport Lek feared they would collapse. Mae Mai we all saw the terrible condition she was in. It will take a VERY long time for her to recover from such terrible cruelty. And Kham Pang well you can literally count her ribs. Getting them these additional supplements is not a luxury, but a necessity. They will need this for at least 6 months. That means approximately $12000 USD So, please let's join hands to get our gentle ones what they need!

It's amazing and beautiful when a rescue happens, it fills our heart with love and joy. However, many do not understand all that goes into taking care of just one elephant, let alone numerous elephants, after the rescue. Particularly those with special needs. There are so many asking and needing help, but we have a responsibility & duty to make sure those we have under our care are healthy & happy first. Thank you to all of you who are walking with us on this journey and for your continuous support. We are appreciative, but the gentle ones are even more so 💜🐘